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Top Cities In Thailand

Top Cities In Thailand

Top Dishes in Thailand

Top Dishes in Thailand

Thailand is completely oozing with a wide range of culinary pleasures, which are getting popular all over the world. Today, from the traditional to the modern, every country has to offer their own version of Thai Cuisine. Yet, the best spicy, sweet & sour Thai food can still only be discovered on the Thai Soil. So here is our list of best Thai dishes you need to try.



It is one of the most popular dish you can get in Thailand. It is a soup where the shrimp is there as the main ingredient. This is the dish for seafood lovers but it is highly popular as a Thai dish. It can be a start for anyone who is trying Thai food for the first time.



The famous Thai fried rich is very famous everywhere in thailand, and all the locals & tourists already know this dish. This tummy-filling meal usually includes meat,crab.,beef,shrimp etc. Also the seasonling of eggs, garlics & onions can be also found at certain places.



In the simplest words, Pad-Thai can be described as stir-fried noodles. They are extremely common & can be found on any street shop & at local eateries. They can that the cheaper the Pad Thai, the better its gonna taste. Pad Thai are always recommended to be eaten with seafood or chicken!



This dish is an all-rounder. It comprises of all the 5 tastes – hot,sour, salty, savoury & sweetness as well. And the best thing about this dish is it mixes all the 5 flavours together wonderfully. This green papaya salad is fresh, tastes amazing & is one of the easiest dishes to prepare.



Spring rolls are so famous that they can be found all over the world today. Though the best ones are still found in Thailand only – everywhere in thailand. They are considered as one of the best appetizer or snack & taste ridiculously delicious when served with hot & sweet sauce.



Well, among all the dishes you find in Thailand, Pak Boong is healthiest of all. This vegetable is very much like spinach & is friend, then seasoned with stuff like soy sauce, soybean paste, garlic, chillies and much more. Even though this dish is made up of oyster sauce but the vegetarian variant is also available.



In English, this dish can be described as fried catfish which is served with green mango salad & can be best described as ‘Fluffy’ & ‘Crispy’. The main secret of this dish which makes it so unique is the perfect combination of Sweet + Sour + Spicy mango salad along with crispy + fluffy salad.

Local Experiences

Hop Through
The Islands

Thailand’s offers your 5000 miles of coastlines & about 1430 islands to be explored. Mount a long-tail board and discover as many beaches & islands as possible.

Shop! Shop! Shop!

In Thailand, you will find everything from the local stalls to buzzing markets. You can find shops on every turn & even in waters i.e. the floating markets. Explore the diversity of shops & local markets which specialize in handicrafts, silverware, silk, wooden carving, pottery & furniture. We trust you’ll find something which suits you!

Participate In The Festivals

In Thailand, everyone is welcome to participate in all the local celebrations & the festivals, like other locals. So go there and enjoy the unique insight into the actual traditions & the Thai customs.

Recommended Activities

  • Art Galleries Walking Tour

    Bangkok has a number of both public & private galleries. People their appreciate art, perhaps that is the reason why the city has an appealing selection of art including both modern expressions & classical representations as well.

  • Souvenir Shopping

    Well, it would be a pretty pity if your visit Thailand & go back without having explored the markets. Here in Thailand, you’ll find various specialty shops & from there you can bring home something truly original.

  • Fast Food For Foodies

    We all know what a culinary thrill the entire Thailand experience is, right? Well, the best thing there is you don’t actually have to go up & up away to all the high-end restaurants to experience the Thai cuisine. Just explore the sidewalks, and you’ll find various delicious opportunities to explore the taste of Thailand.

Become A Host

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