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Top Cities In Myanmar

Top Cities In Myanmar

Top Foods To Try In Myanmar

Top Food in Myanmar

In the Burmese cuisine, the emphasis is given on the rich, savory/salty flavors, which are deeply influenced by the South & Southeast Asia.
Some of the best food items one can try are



Fine, round rice noodles which are served in a hearty, herbal broth which is made of fish & shallot is called the Mohinga. It is often supplemented with a crunchy rich pith, made of banana tree. Mohinga is often taken as a breakfast dish & is sold by mobile vendors. It is one of the favorite snacks of Burmese people.



In the Burmese cuisine, curry is one of the most essential element. Usually, it is meaty & oily as it is based on fish, shrimp, beef or mutton, is enjoyed with a side dish. The most common side dishes which is enjoyed are rich, tart salad, a veggie dish, soup, or a big tray of freshly boiled vegetables.



The sweet dishes in Myanmar are very, very different than the ones in the west. They are commonly referred to as ‘Moun,’ & are eaten as snacks, and not like the deserts. Mouns are usually consumed in the morning or afternoon – with tea. Another good thing about them is they are loaded with sugar, but natural sweeteners such as coconut milk, rice flour, and fruits are used.



Ask anyone, the most popular Burmese dish the lephet – fermented tea leaves. There, the tart leaves are eaten on their own as a dessert. But there are times when they are presented in the form of a laphet thoke. It is basically a salad made up of picked tea leaves. Shredded cabbage, sliced tomatoes, nuts, peas & garlic oil is also added to make it taste better.



So the thing is people in Myanmar kinda obsessed with deep-fried food. Most of the deep fried food in Myanmar are the snacks found in tea shops such as – samosas, spring rolls, bread, noodles and much more. Some of the best deep-fried dish worth trying is but Kyaw or the deep-fried chunks of the gourd.



Burmese people LOVE dry noodles. But what are they? In the simplest words – noodle based salads, where the broth is served on the side. In all the dry noodles the tastiest ones are the nangyi thoke. They are made up of round rice noodles + chicken + thin slices of fish cake. Bean sprouts & hard-boiled eggs are also added in it.



Shan is referred to the country’s main Buddhist ethnic group, and Shan style rich are the ones they cook. Nga Htamin aka Fish Rich is the rich which is cooked with turmeric & squashed into a disk later, with the flakes of freshwater fish & garlic oil is used as the topping. This dish is really famous in Myanmar.

Local Experiences

Light Festival

Myanmar is the country where the locals have a lot of light festivals, both small & big. Most of them depend on the lunar calendar, & there are lighting days according to that only. Pagoda’s festival is also one when people light up for celebrations.

Mandalay Market

Numerous markets in Mandalay are waiting to be explored. Famous ones are the flower or the gem market. You’ll be tempted by the colors & the way people carry out their business.

Trishaw Ride

Cars & buses are fine, we are talking about Myanmar here & there Trishaw is the most people friendly transportation type available. It is designed to carry only 1 person at a time, and people travel in that only in the downtown area.

Meditation Course

If you are looking for a meditation course as good as you find in India then Myanmar is the place to be in. The meditation methods there is very authentic & give you a world-class experience.

Cooking Class

One of the best ways to experience any new place is exploring the food of that place. And, the best way to explore food is by cooking it yourself. So in Myanmar, you can join a cooking class there & have a deeper look.

Recommended Activities

  • Walking Tour Of Yangon

    Yangon, as we all know is a city which is very chaotic & jammed with the daily hustle & bustle. But the thing is, downtown sights of the same are very beautiful & peaceful to the eyes. Walk down the streets of this city & visit all the historical sights there – learning about the history, architecture & culture simultaneously.

  • Temple Tour In Bagan

    They say that no visit in Myanmar is complete with spending some time in Bagan. The sunrises & sunsets are the most beautiful things here, and definitely worth watching. There are also hundreds of temples here, and unlike others, you can explore the lesser-known temples to do something different. Sounds fun right?

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