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Top Cities In Canada

Top Cities In Canada

Top Food To Try in Canada

Top Food in Canada

In Canada, the culinary contributions reach from centuries-old savory soups to the mouth-watering desserts with even delicious (to the mind) histories. There are loads of EPIC Canadian dishes people need to try. Some of them are:



This is one of the best culinary gems which came out of the French-Canada. Perhaps, is the country’s most amazing & defining dish. The best thing about Poutine is, it is available everywhere, literally everywhere in Canada! But the best place to have it is the franchise like Smoke’s Poutinerie & McDonald’s.



Canadian Bacon

Canadian bacon or the peameal bacon as they call it is served here only. But the bacon is bacon, right? Well No! Unlike the traditional bacon which comes from the pig’s belly, Canadian bacon is brined lean pork loin which is rolled in cornflour. You can easily find it in the Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market at the famous Carousel Bakery.




Don’t get confused by the name. BeaverTails are nothing but a quintessential Canadian dish – flattened donut, without a hole. One of the reasons why these are so famous because the recipe was passed down in Graham Hooker’s family for several contemporaries. The best BeaverTails are found in Vancouver’s grouse Mountains.




This dish is a pot full of flavors. It is said that this flakey pie has derived its name from the vessel it is baked in. Well, Tourtiere is filled with ground pork beef and is sprinkled with various herbs & spices. Aux Anciens Canadiens in the famous Quebec City is the place to try it!



Nanaimo Bars

Crumb mixture, melted chocolate & vanilla-flavored butter icing can make every dessert fan drool. Now imagine all that coming together – heaven right? Well, that is what this tri-layered dessert bar is made up of. Unlike the other dishes, the recipe of the famous Nanaimo bars can be found on the Nanaimo City’s Website.



Butter Tarts

The importance of this rich, delicious dish can be traced back to the turn of the century. This butter tart, as the name suggests consists of loads of butter, of course, sugar & egg & has a crumbly crust. People often add raisins to the mix which make it taste even better. The Butter Tart Trail in Kenilworth, Ontario is the best place to try them.




Even though it is not a dish, but indeed it is something which you can find EVERYWHERE in Canada. Canadians love ketchup so much that they have started making ketchup chips, which turned out to be winning snack there. If you want to try Ketchup, just go to any grocery store there.


Recommended Activities

  • Walking Tour Old Montreal

    You can visit the old Montreal city & discover the heritage, beautiful architecture & the years’ old culture of this place. There you can see many historical sites such as the Notre-Dame Basilica, or the Montreal City hall, and much more.
  • Gastown Walking Food Tour

    Gastown is Vancouver’s oldest neighborhood, and it proffers Canada’s oldest culinary offering. You can visit that town & gain deep insight into Gastown’s 150 years-old heritage & try some really mouth-watering food. Pulled-pork sandwiches, organic ice cream & the famous cheesecake are their specialties.
  • Toronto Beer Tour

    On this 4-hour long walking tour, you can learn about the history of Toronto & how the Canadian beer aligns with it. You can enjoy beer tasting at the popular Mill Street Brewery, Visit the Distillery District & also the Lawrence Market – famous for its 100 vendors, bakers & artisans.

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