Must Have In Your Travel Suitcase

//Must Have In Your Travel Suitcase

Must Have In Your Travel Suitcase

For some people traveling is a hobby, for some, it is more like some meditation. For others, it is an opportunity to grow smarter and wiser. When you travel with all the must-haves your experience is more holistic and enjoyable.

While traveling, the documents are the most important thing which one should carry along. ,But there are things most of the travelers do not find important enough that they pack them.

And later they waste so much of their  time looking for the same things they becomes a necessity. All these  things are useful irrespective of the way you are traveling. If your are planning through travel planner or travelling solo, you are going to find them very useful.  Besides these two methods, there is another way of travelling which is gaining popularity with each passing day. It is travelling with the locals & Explify is a website which lets you to see places through localities eyes and in a really pocket friendly budget.

Coming back to the list, the things are:

1. Own guide

Most important thing- you should make your own little diary of some commonly used gestures, most required words in local language. Their meanings and your own list of must visit places as per your research and interests should also be there This will help you and make your travel less confusing and hassle-free.

2- Travel Adaptors

You must pack adaptor and cords for your electrical gadgets such as razors,phone and laptop. As every county works on different volts, so if you are carrying converter/ adaptors you will be well equipped and not worried about running out of battery.

3-Basic Medicines

When you travel there is a possibility of weather change,water change, and basic pollan’s in the air which may cause allergies. Thus you must carry some generic medicines (Paracetamol, antibiotics, anti-allergy, water purifier etc) and your everyday medicines if any so that Youcan enjoy your travel  .

4- Shopping Tote and plastic Bags

You need to pack dirty laundry,  wet swimsuits or stinky socks. Some extra plastic bags help in many ways and do not take a lot of space in your suitcase. Shopping bag/tote help you carry your hat, scarfs, sunglasses and other necessities while you are visiting various local places of your destination. They help a great deal while shopping as its name suggest itself.

5- Extra pair of comfortable footwear

You never know your most reliable shoes may get wet or damaged so u should carry one extra pair of shoes which will help you go through. Also carry water slippers/flip flops to  enjoy beaches/rains.

6- Adequate Versatile  Clothing

Depending upon the place you are traveling, check the weather and prevailing temperature then accordingly pack your outfits and which can be worn in layers if required.

7-Toiletries in travel packaging


You should carry the toiletries in travel size packing as it is not bulky and easy to carry. It is easy to discard also as mini packing do not hurt pocket too. If we are staying with locals as our trip planned with Explify still we may not find our brand or fragrance.

8- Neck Pillow

It makes travel comfortable and helps in long-distance flight or a long train journey.

9- Multipurpose Tools

Water Bottle, Swiss Knife, Scissors and small LED torch these small tools can be very helpful while traveling actually these can act as lifesavers too.

10- A packable Jacket/ lightweight Jacket

Always carry one jacket light weight or heavy one depending upon the season. While sitting on airports, plane or traveling by road or train jacket help to keep you warm and comfortable. When you don’t require it you can pack it in its own packing and carry easily with you.

11- Local Currency

It is good to travel with credit cards or travel cards but carrying some cash in local currency will be very helpful. All places do not accept cards or at times transaction cost is very high as compared to the bill amount.

12- Umbrella /hat /big scarf

These things are multipurpose depending upon weather as an umbrella saves you from sun or rain. Same way hats save you from chill air or sun. A big scarf can work as a shawl if feeling cold and can save u from the sun.

These are some of the things which are must-haves while traveling as they sort out so many problems we face and make our experience comfortable. Even traveling with Elxplify where locals are there to help us but it saves a lot of time while looking for the above-mentioned things if the need arises.

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