How To Experience Yangon Like A Local?

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How To Experience Yangon Like A Local?

Are you wondering what you’ll do in Yangon, Myanmar? Do you have any 2nd thoughts about it? Are you thinking that whether it is going to be a place worth visiting?

Well, as far as we know, Yangon is a loud, vibrant, splendidly chaotic, ethnically place which is seemingly well conserved in the time. Because of all these reasons, the former capital of Myanmar – City of Yangon deserves a lot more attention. Yes, we are talking about the attention it ordinarily gets by most of the travelers. Moreover, there you get to experience & witness the modern life of Myanmar. Also, you get a glimpse of the ancient culture, treasured pieces of the history as well through destinations like Bagan, Inle Lake!

If you are planning to visit Myanmar, make sure you positively pay a visit to the amazing city of Yangon & regard it as a local does. When you’ll plan do so, be prepared to taste a mouthwatering cuisine, witness some beautiful ancient & sacred sights. Also be ready to embrace the showers of the kindness of the people who are happy to have you there. We bet you’ll be so overwhelmed with everything you experience there, Yangon will become one of your favorite destinations in the world.

So how to see Yangon like a local? Here are some tips:

  • Meeting Your Guide.

yangon local guide

Things can’t get any better & simpler that this – wish to see any place like a local, get a local guide. It would be something like he saw a picture of you & he knows what you are actually seeking there. You can either look for a guide after reaching there like everyone else, or you can go there pre-planned. Yes, it’s possible. There are websites like Explify which empower you to connect with the locals & get your trip planned in advance. You can do that by talking to your guide, whom you can choose from a long list of guides through the Explify’s app.

  • Eat Amazing Street Food.

Don’t you know that Yangon has some of the best food in entire Southeast Asia? Well, not many people know about it. You go there, take a few bites & you’ll realize that Yangon has many countless culinary gems. Most of them are are simply waiting to be discovered. In Myanmar, you get to taste a variety of flavors because of the neighboring countries such as India, China, and Thailand.

  • Cheap Beer & barbecue on the 19th Street.

Yangon has a bad reputation as they say there is no nightlife there. But, only the locals know that if your visit the 19th Street in Chinatown. That street is lined with various barbecue restaurants. They serve each & every seafood & veggies along with beer which is cheaper than beer.

  • Get Lost In Bogyoke Aung San Market.

Bogyoke Aung San Market

Another popular thing which you can see in Yangon is Bogyoke Aung San Market is a covered downtown bazaar. This market is one of the first stops in the city tours. Here you can find precious gems, paintings, articles of clothing & every other type of souvenir you can imagine.

  • Happily Wander Through Yangon’s Liveliest Streets

If you want to know the truth, your best memories of Yangon will be the moments when you’ll visit popular sights. There you will get a glimpse of the daily life of locals. The city is beautiful, has a vibrant chaos to it & is an amazing place to be in.

Explore Yangon for a couple of days with your local guide, and you’ll too see why it is such a unique destination. Hence, we can say that Yangon is a place in Myanmar which no traveler should ever miss!

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