Travel British Columbia with Locals – Must visit places in BC

//Travel British Columbia with Locals – Must visit places in BC

Travel British Columbia with Locals – Must visit places in BC

Canada is an incredible country to explore. From the cities like Toronto to Montreal, Canada is as diverse as a country could possibly be, with British Columbia being no different. British Columbia is Canada’s farthest western province and is one of the most popular regions in the country. British Columbia has beautiful islands, rainforests, lakes, mountains, outstanding picturesque cities, attractive towns, and ski villages. British Columbia is warmed by Pacific currents and it is the mildest province rarely dropping below zero. Most of the visitors of the province visit Vancouver, but the capital city Victoria is a real gem.

The best way to explore any place is by traveling like a localite. Book your travel package from the plethora of choices available on Explify. Explify gives you an opportunity to see the place from the eyes of a local, eat like locals and enjoy the culture. A localite knows every single detail of the city which usually the guides don’t have an idea about. Discover the unseen, unexplored and untouched parts of the city which can be missed when you book your packages from the other sites. Whenever you are visiting British Columbia make sure you include these below-mentioned places on your list.

1. Whistler-

Whistler is a famous ski resort located at the foot of the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains, it is one of the biggest winter sports areas in Canada. It is a year-round destination with biking, golfing and plenty of beautiful scenery to explore. Whistler is just 2-hour drive from Vancouver, which means it is easily accessible.

2. Yoho National park-
It is a home of Canada’s most rugged and scenic mountain terrain. The snow-capped peaks, waterfall, rivers, and lakes draw the attention of visitors to the park particularly during the months of summer.

3. Vancouver Island-
Vancouver Island is one of the largest islands on the Pacific coast of North America and is a home to British Columbia’s capital city Victoria. Vancouver Island has interesting towns, picturesque mountains, lakes and beautiful coastlines.

4. Butchart Gardens-
Butchart Gardens offers a fabulous display of trees, plants, and flowers, which is located just outside the Victoria. The theme garden and water feature extend over the 20 hectares of land.

5. Victoria’s inner harbor-
Victoria the capital of British Columbia is one of the most scenic cities in Canada. The city has a feel of a small town and is a home to the wealth of attractions. The area is alive with visitors, while during summer, restaurants open their patios for outdoor dining and street performances take place in the sideways.

6. Fly to a Glacier for Lunch-
The landscape of British Columbia is a breathtaking backdrop of snow-capped glaciers and mountains. You can fly over a Glacier in a helicopter and land on a rocky ledge for lunch. It is an amazing experience with a wonderful view.

7. See grizzlies in the wild-

canada grizzly bear

British Columbia is a home to more than 50% of Canada’s grizzly bears. The chance to spot a bear ranges from roadside sightings to wilderness adventures. Join a one-day tour to see grizzlies pounce on spawning salmon from the safety of a viewing platform.

British Columbia is one of the most extraordinary places in the world. It offers so many incredible opportunities to witness the coastal beauty. This place offers something to everyone and the beauty of this phenomenal coastline is unavoidable. Connected by water yet unique in many ways, British Columbia is at the top of many bucket lists.

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