Explify App Walkthrough!

//Explify App Walkthrough!

Explify App Walkthrough!

Meditation. Kale. A good deep sleep. These things are remarkably important for your mental health. They make your happy, content, they help you learn how to appreciate life & they have 146 other benefits as well.

Well, another addition which can be made to the list is – Travelling. For many years, the idea of traveling has been identical. Whenever the thought of traveling passes across one’s mind, they think of getting up early in the morning. Or going places with family & friends on a weekend or once in a year, right?

Not anymore, because the time has changed. These days people travel not to linger in their comfort zone but to come outside of it. And those who have done so, they can attest to the excitement which comes along it. Breaking out your comfort zone demands some real courage. It’s time to tour with locals.  With Explify, things actually get real. Explify is the website where traveling is much more than going to new places & taking pictures. Here it is about immersing yourself completely in a place, the culture there & understanding the essence of the site. Explify has been revolutionizing the way people travel. With its help, you connect with the locals in your desired place. In some way or the other, this brings the traveling experience closer to one even before they start it.

Explify is a full-fledged website where you can assimilate the services they proffer. Besides the website, they have their own mobile application as well. It is available on both the Apple’s App Store & Google’s Play Store. This application is not only enriched with a great user interface, but it also provides an amazing user experience.

So what are we waiting for? Let’s take a walk through the application & learn more about it.

The Main Dashboard

explify app screen

The main dashboard is the opening page which greets you. Here you can find several options and widgets which all perform a distinct set of functions. Some of them are:

Today/Tomorrow/Next Week: By clicking on any of these options, the app will take you to the list of different experiences & events which you can enjoy. They are lined according to Today or Tomorrow or The Coming week, respectively.

Featured: The featured option manifests all the places & events which are recommended by the application itself. They can include cities, countries or even events.

Near You: The ‘Near You’ option uses your currents geographical location. Through using it, the app will take you to a map, very similar the Google Maps. It shows you all the different events & experiences you can avail of that particular place. Perhaps, you can get the directions to that place as well.

explify app map screen

Explore Cities: With help of this widget, you explore cities in terms of events, sites & experiences. You can appreciate the highlights of different cities & jot down the hidden gems you’d love to explore. For example, if you are in the ‘Victoria, BC’ page, then you’ll only see the places to visit, events happening & other experiences in Victoria only.

Top Reviewed: The top reviewed section will dispense you all the places & immersions with the highest ratings by the users or travelers. You can utilize the reviews to gather the opinions of other travelers & guides. All this will assist you with your decisions about the places you’ll see in the near future.

Explify app cities

The Saved Section

Well, this is a very private section. Here, you can find all the experiences, events and the places you have saved while surfing through the app. This section operates as a bookmark, which can be placed upon the things you would like to later revisit.

The Inbox

Inbox is the section where you communicate with the locals. All your messages/texts will appear in this section. Since Explify allows you to speak with the Guides or Locals of any particular place, this is where you do it. Moreover, it works as smoothly as any other instant messenger!

The Alert Section

All your alerts will pop up in this section. This means all the notifications related to anything except your messages – you’ll find them here.

The Profile

Here in the profile, you have numerous sub-options. First of all, as the name suggests, you can edit the basic information about yourself i.e. name, address, email & phone number. Then you can check the total travel credits you have earned till date. You do it by documenting your experiences in the form of photos & videos and posting on the application.

profile screen- explify app

You can check all the reviews you have posted & the option to enroll yourself as a travel host also comes here. With Explify, you can earn along the way.

To experience a world full of unique experiences, join Explify & Download the app now!

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