Thai Restaurants To Eat Like a Local in Bangkok, Capital of Thailand

//Thai Restaurants To Eat Like a Local in Bangkok, Capital of Thailand

Thai Restaurants To Eat Like a Local in Bangkok, Capital of Thailand

One of the best things about traveling is trying the local food like a local. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand is one of the world’s best place to eat delicious and yummy food. From street food to the high-end restaurant, Bangkok is a paradise for any food lover.  There are thousands of restaurant and street vendors selling traditional Thai food. When you arrive at Bangkok you will find delicious food fragrance everywhere that will tempt you like nothing else. In this Southeast Asian city, Thailand it is quite easy to eat Thai food like a local at an affordable price.

Bangkok Street Food

bangkok street food

Bangkok is famous for the best street food in the world. There are a number of street food vendors in Bangkok. These vendors have their mobile food carts with their cooking utensils and ingredients. There is street food wherever there are people, which means there is street food everywhere in Bangkok. The only problem you face when you travel to any Asian country is the language barrier. If you want to enjoy the real flavor of Thai food in Thailand without a language barrier. You can roam around with the locals by creating an account on explify. It gives you an opportunity to roam with the locals in their city at an affordable price. It also offers an opportunity to travel like local eat local delicacies and enjoy their culture.

people eating food on street- bangkok

One of the best places to eat street Thai food in Bangkok is in China town market, which is very famous for local and authentic street food. The very famous market is open every day except Sunday. While walking around you can find all kind of Thai food. From pad Thai, barbeque spears, the different varieties of chicken, crispy duck, noodles, fried rice to curries of all kind.

Thai Food at Cafeterias

thai dinner

The great place to eat tasty Thai food in Bangkok is to go to the local universities, colleges or where the office workers eat. You will find lots of food dedicated permanent cafeterias. They serves traditional Thai food like- Tom Yum Goong, Pad Thai, Tom Kha Kai, Gaeng Daeng and much more. One example of the cafeteria is the one near Silom complex near BTS station. You can also find famous cafeterias near Goethe Institute or behind the U.S. Embassy on Witthayu Road.

Authentic Thai Restaurant

As we know Thai food can be found by the roadside. If you wish to treat yourself with the fine dining experience, with the service and the ambiance. You can try to eat food in the authentic restaurant. They offer the chance to discover true Thai food created by Thai chefs in high-end restaurants. It’s not about food, it’s about cuisine. One of the most famous Thai restaurants in Thailand is Paste which is steered by a husband and wife duo. The modern dining room of the restaurant offers dishes crafted with traditional Thai recipes. Nahm is one of the finest restaurants that serve cuisine prepared according to ancient recipes. Located on the ground floor of Metropolitan Hotel is on the list of World’s 50 best restaurants.

Bangkok have one of the best cuisines in the world, don’t be afraid to go out and try Bangkok’s local street food. Eat on the street or at the market, shophouse restaurant or authentic restaurants. Eat like a local and where the locals eat. Bangkok have one of the best cuisines in the world so don’t be afraid to try all the delicious food the city has to offer.

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