Unique places in Canada a Local Can Help You Explore

//Unique places in Canada a Local Can Help You Explore

Unique places in Canada a Local Can Help You Explore

Canada is a country which is full of marvelous surprises for everyone. It covers an area of approximately 10 million square kilometers, which is huge. Hence, it should not surprise us when we know that there is much more in Canada other than hockey, maple syrup, Banff National Park & the CN Tower. Canada is a country with a desert, a spotted lake. At times you can also find some of the really odd people standing out in the St.Lawrence River. All in all, it is one of the most desired tourist destinations. So get your bookings done, pack your bags & visit Canada for some one-of-a-kind destinations.

But the situation is not all roses here. As there are decent odds that you’ll only visit places which others do – the “tourist spots”.

When it comes to Canada, the actual beauty is not only restricted to those cliche tourist spots. As a matter of fact, the much-admired beauty of Canada isn’t just about the tourist places. It covers all the spectacular scenery & amazing places which only the locals know. Because they live there, they are aware of every corner of their place & they experience it all on daily basis.

So, here are some of the most unique places in Canada which only locals know.

Haida Gwaii, BC.


Previously this place was distinguished by the name of Queen Charlotte Islands. It offers many activities such as Hiking, biking, caving. Wildlife viewing, sailing, fishing can also be done there. Then there are the famous art galleries there & some ancient totem poles as well.

Spotted Lake, Osoyoos, British Columbia.


The nations of the Okanagan Valley respect the Spotted Lake to be sacred. They believed that the lake heals illnesses – both physical & spiritual. But, that is not it is actually famous for. The real deal is, in summers when the water evaporates, the surface becomes a series of colored mini pools. They are often blue, or white, or yellow or green. all because of the inerals present there – mainly magnesium, calcium or sodium.

Parkland Region, Manitoba.


This area is the home to various lakes, woodlands, rivers & the highest mountains in Manitoba. All these attributes make Parkland Region the perfect location for lovers of amazing outdoors. The most appealing factor about this place is it caters to foodies & history buffs, all by its farming communities & historic sites!

Manitoulin Island, Ontario.


This island is located in the Lake Huron, which happens to be the world’s largest freshwater lake. This island is in a lake which is on an island & that is in a lake, LOL. This is one of the most beautiful islands in the entire country.

Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library, Toronto.


For any true bookworm, this is one of the places they have to visit once in their lifetime. This library in Toronto has many famous words by various renowned writers ever. Here you can find papers of Margaret Atwood or Leonard Cohen. Also Babylonian cuneiform tablet or Shakespeare’s First Folio are there.

Shediac, New Brunswick.


This is the home for some of the finest swimming beaches, historical sites. Shediac is also very famous for its restaurants which bestow you some mouth-watering food. Moreover, every July, the town hosts a popular lobster festival. And guess what, world’s largest lobster is in this town.

So this is our list of places which only the locals will help you explore in the best possible way.

Talking about the locals, you can’t do it without knowing anyone right? And how can you know a stranger in a foreign land?

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If you truly are willing to explore Canada, Explify can be a great platform for you. Afterall, with a local, the entire experience becomes much, much better. So make the most out of your trip, travel with Explify.

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