5 Reasons you should travel more

//5 Reasons you should travel more

5 Reasons you should travel more

Reasons you should travel more

Office, home, sleep and the endless wait for the weekends. This pretty much sums up the life of millennials. Most of the travel tends to be for business these days. People need to travel more to break the monotony and unwind. Flying out of the country to check the touristy places is not the only way to travel. Travel to unknown places and explore the surroundings. Go camping or on a safari, trek to see a remote mountain village, check out the Niagara Falls, or just visit the local museum or historical landmark within the city limits.

Here are 5 reasons why everyone and why you should travel more

Enrich your life with hands-on experiences


“#firstworldproblems” this has become the most used hashtag these days, people are tired of the monotonous life cycle. Travel can help us wash down the issues that we often find tearing us down in our day to day life. Travelling gives us a chance to experience new things, foods, meet new people and understand diverse cultures. Many third world countries have associations or groups where people can volunteer, visit towns and countries where the environments are so different. These visits can help gain a new perspective, a greater appreciation for the simple things in life and make us realize that sometimes things really aren’t that bad.

Reduces Stress


The more you travel the more time you have to relax and recharge. Travelling takes you away from the everyday worries. Just turn off the phone to get away from work for a while, don’t check any emails, and stop foreboding about things that can clutter the mind. Travelling can help to focus on inner peace, suppressed feelings, wants and little things that can make us truly happy.

Increases Knowledge


There’s no learning experience quite as effective as travelling. One can only learn so much about a place or culture from a textbook or the internet. Travelling is actually believed to strengthen the brain and broaden the horizons of how a person actually thinks. It is the easiest way anyone can learn about the history and culture of the place by visiting and experiencing it in person. It increases your knowledge of places, learns new languages, or develop new hobbies.

Improves Health


Travelling can directly affect our mental and physical health. While travelling people are likely to walk everywhere. Especially the outdoor adventure vacations like treks or hikes are basically cardio. Travel clears our mind and reduces stress which in turn increases the lifespan.

Make new friends


One can never know who they are going to meet while travelling. In most countries, the locals are very friendly to travellers. Be friendly, open up and connect with the locals to make new friends. Explify is one such platform that can help people connect with the locals beforehand to personalize their trip and travel like a local with a local everywhere they go. With Explify, people don’t just travel they collect stories, experience and lifelong friendships.

Why do you think people should travel more? Do you have a travel bucket list? Make it your priority and start a travel fund or get on Explify and earn while you travel.

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