Essential Photography Tips For Every Traveller

//Essential Photography Tips For Every Traveller

Essential Photography Tips For Every Traveller


Beautiful pictures lead to beautiful memories.

We also know that good pictures define your travel experience and enrich our memories. But, the problem is, not everyone is competent at taking beautiful & good photographs, right?


Clicking photographs is a skill & like all other skills it  improves with time, effort and practice. Photography is all about producing photographs that we all as photographers like, and more importantly, other people like! A widely known fact in the photography world is having a pricey camera with more megapixels does not make you a better photographer. But possessing some sweet skills and knowing the basics definitely improves your game!

You can click pictures using your smartphone or a professional camera – it doesn’t matter until or unless people connect with what you capture. It has to tell a story, emit some emotions which people can relate to.

So, here are the most effective pointers which are followed by the professionals day-in & day-out. Using them will not only make your pictures better, but also make you a better photographer.   


Using People As Subjects.


Adding human element into landscapes gives them a sense of scale and placemaking photos more personal, and more memorable. For portraits, click pictures at eye level or elevate the subject. Clicking down at someone should be avoided. You can also put the famous landmark in the background and capture how locals living around them. Avoid selfies as they do not capture the essence of the picture

Play with Patterns, Symmetry, and Reflections

Our brains love patterns -it always looks for patterns be it colors, building designs or clouds in the sky. Symmetry can enhance pictures aesthetically When used correctly, it can create outstanding images with pleasing balance and proportion. Light angle creating reflections of objects especially at sunrise and sunset can make a beautiful photo adding another spectrum to your photo. An object like a mirror, Places like a lake or a window can help you to take a unique shot too.

Using The Rule Of Thirds.rule of thirds



This is a most important rule of photography: dividing the picture into thirds which eventually divides the picture into 9 equal squares and you place object which is the main focus on the interception of lines. This draws the attention of the person who is viewing the picture to the Main object. These are the points which get viewer attention first and it really makes the composition of the picture better. You can activate this function by going in settings in every camera/camera app.

Flicker The Focus & Light

Focus on something other than taking just the close up of one particular thing – the sea, or your someone’s face for example. se Make use of the full frame & take awesome wide pictures. Look for a decent background, some pattern on the background like footprints on beach sand or water over rocks. You just have to focus on the foreground/midground or even backdrop which can add character and depth to the photo. Use the panoramic feature to create awesome pictures which can tell a story of the picture itself. For a well-exposed picture and well-adjusted light on main focus object (sunset and sunrise) use High Dynamic Range.

Capture The Perfect Moment.


The biggest regret which most of the photographers have is – missing a perfect moment. You have to have be prepared, always, but of course you can’t roam with that hefty camera in hand all day long.  This is where the smartphone is a useful thing. You don’t need to do any preparations, just take it out of a pocket and click! Moreover, you can use burst mode to capture 10 frames per second to get you the perfect moment in motion. Most smartphones, cameras, and GoPros now have a timer option, and it can help you get the perfect moment clicked. It is a boon for solo travelers

Capture While The Sunrise & Sunset.


For great landscapes click pictures at Sunrise or Sunset. This adds an additional dimension to your photos, can create silhouettes at sunset. Clicking pictures early in the morning or setting sun adds color and shade of nature which absolutely enhances the center point of the picture and no unwanted people in your picture background as less likely have anyone else around. Shoot early in the morning or as the sun is setting to give your image more impact, with long shadows and softer lights. Try to click a sunset with clouds to provide some uniqueness.

Don’ts For Good Pictures.

  • Don’t click keeping your camera on a shaky base. Use both hands or a tripod  to stabilize your camera/ phone.
  • Don’t use flash unless it’s dark. Otherwise in most of the cases you’ll end up having an overexposed image..
  • Don’t add fake blur to picture. The depth of field is a feature of the cameras that are hard to replicate
  • Don’t zoom digitally, but use your legs. Walk towards the subject rather than zooming.. This is because the quality of picture deteriorates when you zoom.
  • Don’t use Instagram or any other 3rd part application to take pictures. They give you a lower definition than the built-in photo app.

To conclude all anyone can advice is feel good about your trip around the world and cherish every memory of each trip through your pictures which can keep getting better with practice, and the technology of cameras.

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