The Ups And Downs Of Travelling: Problems That People face While Travelling

//The Ups And Downs Of Travelling: Problems That People face While Travelling

The Ups And Downs Of Travelling: Problems That People face While Travelling

Everyone loves travelling. When we hear the word travelling, the first thing that
comes to mind are the good things and the fantasies that we see on TV shows and
in movies. People associate travelling with meeting new people, enjoying different
cultures and experiencing new things. People have the mindset that other countries
are better than their own, hence travelling becomes a source of watching all the
things that lie out there, the thrilling and exciting experiences that a person will
see. These travellers hope to have a hassle free, all positive experience. But in
many situations that is not true, the real picture is quite different from the one we
make up in our minds.

Many times, as soon as travellers reach their destination, they lose their luggage or
get robbed or face unfortunate situations where all their excitement goes down the
drain. Mishappenings like these can be avoided, only if a traveller understands the
situation that lies ahead of him and prepares well before going for the actual
travelling adventure. Every journey brings unique experiences and challenges
along with it, but here are some common problems that most travellers face-

Leaving Home

There’s a reason why all of us call the place we live in “home”. It’s a place where
we feel safest, a place where all our friends and close relatives live. As a homo
sapiens who roam in crowds, humans feel safest when around people and travelling
challenges that. Travelling makes us go out of our comfort zones, to new places
where none of our family, friends and relatives exist to support us. The biggest
thing to remember here is that you are enough and you can do anything with the
support of these people.

Jet Lag

Travelling to a far off place in a different timezone as you lead to jet lag, a feeling
that nobody wants. The change in time zones causes fatigue in your brain and
disrupts the internal body clock. The solution to a jet lag is to set your watch time
according to the place you are travelling to and avoid any alcohol, caffeine and fat
during the flight. Make sure that if you reach in the daylight, you do everything to
stay awake. Delay sleep till the actual night and avoid any naps during the day. Go
outside in the sun and drink some water. Following all these will most probably
make you feel better and ready for the adventure lying ahead of you.

Missing The FlightMissing the flight is the worst thing that can happen to a travelling. Imagine being
so excited about visiting a new place and finally when you decide to leave for the
journey you’ve always been waiting for, you miss the flight. The best solution for
this: stay calm and avoid panic. We all know that it’s your fault that you missed
that flight, but there’s no point in focussing on just that. What you must first check
is whether the flight had been delayed or if you’ve been changed to another flight
or not. Also, you must know that many staff members have the power to waive off
the payment, check whether that’s the option. Try finding alternative solutions
instead of focussing on the problem. Make sure you are polite and apologetic to the
staff and find out if any other flight is available. Being optimistic will be your best
friend in such situations.

Losing The Luggage

You can lose your luggage at the airport or even while travelling. In many
situations, our luggage has all our identity proofs or money, which get lost along
with our clothes, memories from home or prized possessions. A Solution is; be
patient and wait for your luggage to arrive at the airport. Check with the airport
authority, contact someone you know or someone you find at the airport. If you
lose your luggage while travelling, try to trace your steps and find the bag. If
nothing else helps, call the police. The main thing to note while travelling is to
always carry a copy of your identification proofs in your pocket and never keep all
your money in one place. The most you can do is, be attentive.

Dodgy Food

Surely all of us have tried food we didn’t like, things we don’t have an appetite for.
But travelling means you get to eat food you never knew about, things you have
never seen. You don’t get to eat things you are familiar with, and some of these
things look or taste dodgy for your tastes. A pro tip here is to find restaurants and
food places in the city beforehand, places you are familiar with and things you can
fall back to when you don’t like the food.
Experimenting is great, but you must also make sure that you maintain a healthy
mix of familiar food and things you have never tried.
The biggest gift that travelling gives us is the gift of learning. Once you keep in
mind that every challenge brings its own learning along with it, you will always
see the bright side amidst all these problems. Take the entire travelling experience
as a whole and love the great as well as the not-so-great aspects as you go and face
all problems headstrong and with complete optimism.


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